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David with a Schalow's Turaco. Click to hear and enlarge.

David feeding a Schalow's Turaco. Click on the photograph to enlarge it and to hear my Schalow's Turacos.

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Link to short movie of White-cheeked in flight (in slow-motion) - here


White-cheeked hatched Christmas morning 25/12/10

White-cheeked hatched Christmas morning 25/12/10. Click to enlarge.


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Livingstone's Turacos
A pair of Livingstone's Turacos
and their chicks, below, one of which is an albino.

Livingstone's chicks

Ross's chicks under a foster mum White-cheeked at a week old.
Ross's chicks under a foster mum White-cheeked at a week old.


Movie of some turacos

Movie of some of the turacos at Walnut Tree Cottage - Christmas 2008

Movie of White-cheeked feeding Ross chicks.

Movie of a White-cheeked feeding Ross chicks

Movie of hand feeding a day old Schalow's.

Movie of hand feeding a Schalow's chick

Movie of an adult Purple-crested Turaco feeding.

Movie of an adult Purple-crested feeding

Schalow's just hatched. Click to enlarge.

Day old Schalow's chick. Click to enlarge.

White-cheeked chicks enjoying the Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve. Click to enlarge.

Close up of above. Click to enlarge.






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What is a Turaco?

A Turaco (often called Touraco in UK) is a fruit-eating African bird of the family Musophagidae, order Cuculiformes. They have a small high bill, notched and serrated mandibles, a long tail, erectile crest, and short, rounded wings. The largest are 70 cm / 28 in long.

Many of them are brilliantly coloured with glossy blue, red, violet and green plumage. There are about 23 species including the Violaceous Turaco Musophaga violacea and the White-cheeked Turaco Tauraco leucotis.

White-cheeked Turaco

Click the picture to enlarge and hear my White-cheeked Turaco
(You will need your speakers on!)

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