Turacos for sale & wanted

Last updated: 2nd January 2021

Buffon’s: Adult male - here

: Male available and two females wanted - here

White-crested Turacos

White-crested Turaco

None available

Violaceous Turacos

Violet Turaco

None available

White-cheeked Turaco

White-cheeked Turaco

None available

Red-crested Turacos

Red-crested Turaco

None available

Buffon's Turacos

Buffon's Turaco

Adult male 2014 - £130 with DNA certificate

Livingstone's Turaco

Two females wanted (from UK)

Male 2017 DNA tested - £200 or exchange for a female

Cinnamon White-cheeked Turaco

Cinnamon White-cheeked Turaco

None available


Turacos that I breed are close rung and can be DNA sexed, with certificates.

I far prefer birds to be collected by the purchaser so they can be seen before they are caught up and boxed.
However, if you cannot collect, you can arrange for a friend or a courier to collect them.

Orders: david@turacos.co.uk

Phone no. (UK) 01452 760420 - Gloucestershire

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