Turaco Quiz 1

1) What is the difference between a Buffon's and a Green-crested Turaco?
a) No difference. Simply two names for the same species.
b) A Buffon's has a white stripe under the eye and a red tinge to the outer edge of its crest. A Green-crested has neither.
c) A Green-crested has a white stripe under the eye and a red tinge to the outer edge of its crest. A Buffon's has neither.
d) A Buffon's has a much more pointed crest.

2) What is the world's rarest turaco?
a) Bannerman's Turaco
b) Yellow-billed Turaco
c) Great Blue Turaco
d) Ruwenzori Turaco

3) Which country does the Red-crested Turaco come from?
a) Kenya
b) Liberia
c) Angola
d) Swaziland

4) What is the largest turaco (in size) in the world?
a) Knysna Turaco
b) Violaceous Turaco
c) Great Blue Turaco
d) Bare-faced Go-away Bird

5) There is a sub-species of White-cheeked Turaco. What is it called?
a) Guinea Turaco
b) White-eared Turaco
c) Donaldson's Turaco
d) Helmeted Turaco

6) How many eggs does a turaco normally lay in a clutch?
a) Six
b) Nine
c) Two
d) One

7) What is special about the toe formation of turacos?
a) They have two toes forwards and one backward.
b) The outer toe of each foot can face either forwards or backwards.
c) They have five toes.
d) Their big toe has a small extra toe coming from it.

8) Which (wild) species of turaco is not found on mainland Africa?
a) Purple-crested Turaco
b) A sub-species of Fischer's Turaco, T.f.zanzibaricus.
c) Eastern Grey Plantain-eater.
d) A sub-species of Livingstone's Turaco, T.l.cabanisi.

9) What is the largest element of the normal diet of turacos in the wild?
a) Seeds such as millet and sunflower.
b) Worms, snails, slugs and insects.
c) Fruit.
d) Small birds and reptiles.

10) Which species of 'Go-away' is the only turaco to exhibit sexual dimorphism?
a) Grey Go-away Bird
b) White-bellied Go-away Bird
c) Bare-faced Go-away Bird

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