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I ring all my young turacos at about 3 weeks old as they are leaving the nest with aluminium closed rings, individually numbered and with my initials added, size ‘S’ for White-cheeked, Hartlaub’s, Black-billed, Fischer’s, Schalow’s, Red-crested, Purple-crested and Green-crested Turacos; size ‘T’ for Violaceous and Lady Ross.

I use split plastic coloured rings to mark adult birds, size 2FB, so that I can identify individuals from a distance.

Rings can be purchased from Avian ID www.avianid.co.uk.
AvianID, Unit 3, Tescan Units Pool Business Park Wilson Way Redruth Cornwall TR15 3RX ENGLAND
Tel: +441209 212775
email: info@avianid.co.uk

Category: Ringing

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